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At Alutech, we strive to provide new and innovative products to our customers and as a result have sourced Clear Edge Glass Systems.

Clear Edge Glass sliding and stacking doors are totally retractable glass panels designed to enclose outdoor entertaining areas, patios, balconies, alfresco kitchens and pool areas to create a useable space all year round.

These frameless glass doors are designed to allow the glass panels to slide individually and to pivot and stack at 90o to the sliding door tracks and can be used as an alternative to bi fold or sliding doors.

When the Clear Edge Glass doors are closed it forms a sheer glass wall, on opening, the innovative sliding door track allows the glass panels to slide, turn and completely stack away.

Profiles can accommodate 10mm, 12mm or 15mm toughened glass which is used exclusively as it is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass. Clear Edge Glass is the only slide and stack system in Australia tested to withstand 3.3kPa negative and positive pressure and meets Australian Standards AS/NZ 4284:2008. Every Clear Edge system comes with an AWA 6 year peace of mind warranty.

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